Diminished Value by EXPERTCARLOSS, Appraisals are easy to understand with a straight forward approach to declaring your loss. Some of the systems we use include Black Book, NAAA, Galves National Car Sales and Dealer IQ to name a few. We’re adjusters and past car dealers also who work with many lawyers, that’s why we are aware of what insurance companies look for and why we are the industry standard.

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Diminished value is the insurance companies biggest secret, when your involved in a car accident and it’s not your fault your car looses value, you must disclose the vehicle has been in a car accident and especially in the days of technology it is simple to get a car history report.



The history of Diminished Value dates back to 1840 concerning a cargo schooner that hit a rock. The Made Whole doctrine states that any time a loss occurs because of an accident that you are entitled to repairs and loss value to be in the same financial state before the accident and any injuries sustained. The Law of subrogation makes the insurance company of the at fault driver responsible for the costs associated.

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Many companies give you a one size fits all automated report by 17c formula which guarantees your car will never loose more than 10% this is not legal or accurate but because of a technicality in Georgia class action law suit fake appraisers which make the bulk of the industry try to sell you a worthless report to take your money. Buyer beware, we calculate dealer, auction and industry standards of best appraisal practices.



When at fault in a car accident very few states allow you to claim against your own insurance but thankfully you can claim a tax deduction on your IRS taxes for your loss in property damage. For those others that live in Georgia, Kansas and North Carolina you can claim against Uninsured motorist or liability insurance.

Car Diminished value claim

What is Diminished Value?

The inherent diminished car value assumes that the optimal vehicle repair quality has been achieved. Diminished value can be defined as the actual amount of the resale value of your car when repaired. The reason why your car gets diminished value automatically is because of a damage history. Regardless of how significant your car’s damage history is, it will still have low resale value

Inherent diminished value is widely accepted and recognized as the most common form of vehicle’s diminished value. Also, it is used as the standard basis wherein any Diminished Value supplemental form would be added. Repair Related DV claim is most common form of Supplemental Diminished Value.

Now, how can you determine if you have diminished value? Simply, you can have diminished value because of significant damaged history.

Can You Collect Diminished Value State by State?

Yes, you can collect diminished value from the insurance company of the at fault party. No matter where the at-fault party lives or have insurance, you can still collect DV in all states excluding Michigan.

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Mississippi
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Nebraska
  • New-York
  • New-Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

What if the at–fault party has no insurance, is claiming diminished value still possible?

Yes, you can still claim diminished value, but under the Uninsured Motorist Coverage of your own policy. But, this law is applicable only on some states including;

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

What if you are at-fault from your own policy coverage? Can you still claim DV?

Yes, you can still claim DV, but this applies only to people living in North Carolina, Georgia, and Kansas. In fact, if you live in Kansas and want to claim DV, your claims may be subjected to policy limitations. If you live in Washington, you may still claim DV, but only if your claim is favored by the Supreme Court’s decision.

Why Do Your Need to Hire an Appraiser?

If you do not have a genuine appraisal report, the party at-fault insurance company may settle at extremely low amount. A bona fide appraisal report serves as proof of valid DV claim and can help you to collect the claims that you deserve. An appraiser can help you restore your vehicle’s diminished value regardless of how severe the damage of your car is.

Vehicular accidents can cause immediate inherent loss of the car’s resale value. According to the law, the party at fault is responsible for compensating the loss. To put simply, diminished value or diminution of value occurs when the car is damaged or wrecked in a road accident. The car is then restored or repaired back to a road worthy condition. Your insurance company may agree to pay the car claims for the repair allowing you get your vehicle back, but with low resale value.

In most states, if the car sustains 25% of damage or more, the law requires to disclose the damage through checking in the field of the car’s title. Obviously, this reduced the car’s resale value and educated buyers will not pay the same amount of your car as its undamaged counterpart.

I Leased My Car?

Although vehicles lose value no matter what the ownership is, The Leasing company has the power to collect the DV only, unless several arrangements were done between the lessee and lessor.

Previous Car Accident, Can I get DV?

You are still qualified, yet depending on the extent of the damage the diminished value will go down or not have any in the case of a first accident with frame damage.

I got a check in the mail from the insurance company. What happens if I cash it?

Do not cash it. In the event it is cashed you may be waiving your rights to the claim but if you do cash it, send a letter saying it is part of the payment and you do not release the liability of the balance immediately.

I already cashed my Diminished Value check, what happens now?

It is a time game since you converted the instrument to cash, you could still request for additional compensation. Remember, if you have signed any document that says you remove liability or further claim, then you cannot claim anything.

The Car was sold?

In most cases, it is possible all you need to know is how much it was sold for and we do the rest.

Do I need an inspection?

Sometimes, In several cases, repair related you must and in inherent DV some of the insurance companies will ask for it but very rarely.

Does it matter how much my repairs were ?

There is no minimum amount of damage it isn’t specified in the law. A car can have $200 damage and incur structural damage and a car with $5,000 can be only paint and panels. Also, some cars drop in value simply because they are luxury, classic or exotic.

What is the clause for appraisal?
When it comes to a policy holder claim, once you and the insurance company cannot aggree you can call a third party and in some states such as North Carolina, this can be done even if you are a third party and cannot agree.

The insurance company is offering less than KBB, NADA etc.?

Remember the price of a vehicle differs everywhere you go and all the guides do not give an accurate amount.

Car is a Total Loss, what is paid in the total?

A vehicle’s value. You must also see how the state addresses the sales tax, license fees, and title for once you replace the total loss.

What are the rules on choosing a body shop?

The car can be repaired where you want but if the amount is high, the insurance company might get additional estimates and not want to pay the full amount so be careful.

When does diminished value accrue:

There are various arguments in terms of when any diminished value loss must be paid. The 2 dates that create the confusion are the date of the accident or loss date, as well as the disposal date.
Loss date is the date established in which the industry of insurance uses in determining loss and value issues. Tons of insurers contend diminished value compensation isn’t owed until your car is purchased, returned or traded-in for a lease. This opinion concentrates on the things in which the diminished value is realized as opposed to the cause of the decrease in value. This recommends that the cause as well as effect aren’t yet complete.
Therefore, any prior amount paid to a DV loss is either unnecessary or a windfall to the one who is claiming it. Be that as it may, this examination is defective, and the date the mishap happened is the suitable date for ascertaining reduced quality loss.
Under typical tort law, which applies to the 3rd party claimants, the accident’s date is utilized in determining the loss.

Automotive Value Relativity:

As a vehicle ages its regular deterioration aggregates, lessening its reasonable business esteem. Impact or other harm quickens that abatement in worth and makes that vehicle worth altogether less today, rather than its companions. Sooner or later the characteristic devaluation will make up for lost time to the loss in estimation of the impact quickened deterioration. The regular devaluation stays consistent. Outside components adjust the untimely loss in quality. On the off chance that a vehicle has been harmed, the deterioration will get to be incorporated inside it. At the end of the day, the vehicle’s worth will unavoidably achieve a point that it basically won’t make any difference to the buyer on the off chance that it has been harmed.

Perceived Economic Benefit:

Utilizing transfer date as the date of installment, if an individual offers, exchanges, turns in at lease end or the vehicle is pronounced an aggregate loss preceding the time when common devaluation has eased the quickened deterioration, Diminished Value would then be resolved and paid. The undeniable reason guarantors contend that the transfer date, rather than the date of the loss, is the correct time for deciding and paying Diminished Value is one of expense. The more up to date a vehicle is when harmed, the more prominent the decreased quality will be utilizing the mischance date for determination. As the vehicle ages, the impact harm will have a lower impact on general worth and any decreased quality installment will be similarly lower.
This is ideal in two courses for back up plans. It brings about a postponed installment, permitting the cash to be held and contributed, and it makes the virtual assurance that the decreased quality installment will at last be less. Rather than a windfall for an inquirer, the safety net provider gets the profit of the postponement. This is a limited methodology, in any case. It is not monetarily attainable to keep a case open for an additional five years or to have a second claim opened and transformed at a later date. Envision the disarray and trouble distributing the lessened worth installment between mindful gatherings if the vehicle is included in a second mischance before the transfer. While the safety net providers and lawyers may have perpetually to contend about these issues, utilizing the transfer date as the valuation point leaves the guarantee’s and outsiders much the same, despondently stuck in the center without any acceptable or quick determination.
Moreover, date of loss is the protection business standard for esteeming cases. Do the guarantors truly need to recommend that a recent date in time can be substituted for esteeming and paying losss? Consider if your home torched today, yet you chose to hold up ten years to have it reconstructed. Will you be permitted to utilize the genuine remake date, with the majority of the conceivable inflationary expense and obscure value variables, to figure out what your guarantor must pay to supplant your home?

Tort Law:

Under conventional tort law, which applies to outsider petitioners, the date of the mishap is utilized to decided loss. Despite the fact that piece of the contention for utilizing the substitute date is that the component of the Diminished Value part of the carelessness claim has not happened until the vehicle is discarded, this is not lawfully right. While changing among purviews, property harm carelessness cases are liable to statutes of impediment. That implies that an individual has a restricted measure of time to document a claim to recuperate loss connected with the mischance.
The date of the mischance is the conventional legitimate beginning date for the documenting time inside which a claim must be documented to recuperate harms. Simply on the grounds that Diminished Value is immaterial at the impact date, does not imply that it has not happened, can’t be computed, or ought not be paid. Besides, carelessness cases are not separated into sub-cases focused around some segment of the harm being acknowledged at a later date.
Case in point if an individual has been seriously harmed in a mishap and will require extra restorative administer to years into the future that individual does not submit new claims for harms each time treatment expense is acquired, rather the expected expenses are computed, allocated a present quality, and paid.
So the last answer is, date of loss. The date the mischance happened is the date the law utilizes for beginning the statute of restriction for an activity to recoup harms carelessly brought on to property. Unless the lawmakers and the courts are ready to uproot the reduced quality loss special case to their locales statutes of confinement, we are sure to emotional increments in the claims recorded against at-shortcoming safeguarded for these losss. That will barely be palatable results for anybody. It is a hopeless scenario regarding time, cash and goodwill for safety net providers to battle that the transfer date is the suitable date for deciding lessened worth losss. In the event that for no reason than conclusiveness, date of loss is the proper date for deciding reduced worth.

Owners vs. Bank:

The damaged vehicle endures lessened worth, regardless of the relationship or possession in which it is held. The main issue to be tended to is who is qualified for case and recoup for the lessened worth? This inquiry is effectively addressed when a vehicle is claimed inside and out. Clearly, the manager is qualified for the reduced quality.
Actually, when the auto is financed however a bank or moneylender, the answer is clear. The holder is still the gathering qualified for the lessened worth. The account organization may be in ownership of the title, yet it just has a security enthusiasm toward the vehicle, not a possession, as guarantee against default and to guarantee reimbursement of the cash it has loaned. This game plan gets somewhat more convoluted if the vehicle is in default and the vehicle is repossessed.
As a sample, envision the circumstances in which John possesses an auto and is hit by an alternate driver who is at shortcoming. The auto is taken to a body look for repair. On the other hand, John has not paid his auto advance for a few mouths, and the bank has approved repossession of the vehicle. At the point when the bank finds the auto’s whereabouts, it takes ownership of the vehicle upon culmination of the repair and makes a case for intrinsic reduced worth against the at-flaw driver.
Since the bank is, ordinarily, legitimately qualified for offer the vehicle and exchange great or clean title to an ensuing purchaser to fulfill John’s extraordinary obligation, the bank is qualified for apply the lessened quality installment to the advance, also. This happens in light of the fact that the lessened quality installment speaks to a fiscal worth taken from the insurance by the at-shortcoming driver that would, overall, have been sold with the auto and connected to the debt of John.

Diminished Value and Leased Vehicle:

A different classification of enthusiasm toward the lessened quality open deliberation is the capacity of gatherings to a lease game plan to effectively claim and recoup for Diminished Value. Leases are just game plans by which a holder permits another person to have lawful ownership and utilization of property at a cost and more often than not for a set time of time.
Lease contracts are represented by the same standards as different contracts and work as per their individual term. A lease auto is the same than one financed however a bank or claimed out and out with the end goal of guaranteeing Diminished Value.
An auto is a devaluing resource by its exceptionally nature, which is expanded by utilization. The renting cost is situated by considering the characteristic devaluation connected with age, mileage, and common wear and tear. The expected estimation of the auto toward the end of the lease is known as remaining worth. The individual in ownership of the vehicle is accused of the obligation to ensure and protect the property and is in charge of repaying the manager for any harm.
Besides, vehicle rents commonly express that when the vehicle is returned at lease-end there will be extra charges for any unreasonable wear and use and the intemperate wear condition incorporates installment for any harm to the body, lights, trim, paint, inside, glass, and for any missing supplies, parts, and adornments. These statements don’t limit charges to just un-repaired harm or take into consideration reseller’s exchange parts to be substituted for unique ones.
In like manner, the individual turning in an auto at lease-end, which was seriously harmed in a crash created by an alternate gathering, can at present discover him/herself subject to a bank or renting organization for a large number of dollars in reduced quality. In the event that the vehicle had not been rented, there would have been little question about the manager’s qualification to installment for the vehicle’s lessened worth or that the at-shortcoming driver was in charge of the installment. The circumstances is not any distinctive with a lease.

Avoid internet scams offering free diminished value reports:

Popping up on sites everywhere throughout the web are offers to give free reduced quality gives an account of autos and trucks after impact harm have been repaired. As a rule, a buyer enters some essential data about the repaired auto and measure of accident harm it managed, and as an exchange get an email that expresses the lessened case is worth in the middle of $x and $y.
Despite the fact that it appears a clear administration for individuals to seek after who don’t have cash to waste, free lessened quality writes about the web are worth precisely what they cost – nothing. The reports can’t be utilized to substantiate a case for lessened quality in light of the fact that these sources have no particular learning of the customer auto, their mishap or their protection guarantee beside data that is been given to them.
On the off chance that customers need to be paid for lessened worth it is their obligation to demonstrate the measure of loss. Courts have made rules with respect to how this ought to be carried out and the qualifications of the master. It is basic that a master have active information of the auto being referred to with a specific end goal to give a reduced quality assume that will withstand investigation.
The numbers on these reports are not intelligent of a particular auto and mishap. They are summed up and misleadingly low in correlation to what shoppers will discover they are positively owed after their auto has been assessed by a true blue decreased quality master. Without seeing the auto firsthand, web organizations can’t register losss buyers are qualified for be paid for such things as un-repaired harm, poor workmanship, reseller’s exchange parts, and an assemblage of different things that make the auto unattractive or dangerous.
The report and data customers get from web decreased quality organizations may be utilized against them if and when they seek after a true blue lessened worth case against an insurance agency.
Purchasers have everything to lose and nothing to increase by giving data to acquire free lessened worth reports from web assets. Most authentic vehicle investigation and valuation specialists will genuinely tell buyers forthright when the expense for seeking after a reduced quality case is exceeded by the potential recuperation one may hope to get. Proficient Modification Administrations will furnish you with a lessened quality report fit the bill for any court moving ahead.
Your loss in reduced quality may be tax deductible: (Notice: audit this data with your duty counsel to check whether you fit the bill for an assessment deduction.)
Reduced quality can be and intermittently is guaranteed as a duty finding. On the off chance that you organize your conclusions, you may have the capacity to deduct your un-recuperated reduced quality. In the event that your property is secured by protection you must document an auspicious protection claim, else you can’t deduct the loss as a loss or burglary loss. However the piece of the loss that is not secured by protection is still assessment deductible. Furthermore you can deduct the expense of the expert decreased quality appraisal report.

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